BlueMaxima's Flashpoint Help Manual
Exporting Playlists
Before upgrading either edition of Flashpoint, you will need to back up your favorites and any custom playlists if you wish to keep them. You can export a playlist from your current Flashpoint copy by right-clicking the playlist and clicking the Export Playlist button.

Upgrading Flashpoint
To update Flashpoint Ultimate, you can use the Flashpoint Ultimate Updater tool. Simply point it to your Flashpoint folder and start the process.

To update Flashpoint Infinity, you will need to download the extractor for the new version and replace your current Flashpoint download. Your save data will carry over to the new version.

Importing Playlists
When you open your upgraded Flashpoint copy, you can import your backed-up playlists by clicking the Import Playlist button under the list of playlists and selecting the exported JSON file.