BlueMaxima's Flashpoint Help Manual
Choosing a version
There are two editions of the Flashpoint archive on the download page: There is also Flashpoint Core, which only contains a very small subset of the archive to assist project contributors. Avoid this one if you do not plan on contributing to the project.

Extracting Flashpoint
Flashpoint is portable, which means it cannot be installed or uninstalled through traditional methods. The entire program can instead exist in a folder on your desktop or in your Downloads folder. As such, it only needs to be extracted from a container file to work. For the best results, extract Flashpoint to C:\ - your Downloads folder or desktop should also work as long as they are not synced to OneDrive. It will not work if you extract it to your Temp folder (which usually happens with browsers that have a "Run" option when downloading files) or your Program Files folder (again, Flashpoint is not a traditional program).

Running Flashpoint
Flashpoint can be opened by double-clicking the shortcut titled "Start Flashpoint" inside the Flashpoint folder.

If no window appears, read the section of the Troubleshooting page titled "The Flashpoint window isn't appearing when I run it".